Crewe/Nantwich/Middlewich Socials

Crewe, United Kingdom
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Hello and welcome to the Crewe, Nantwich, Middlewich Socials group!

Do you live in the local area, are you stuck in rut, or fed up with watching TV night after night, or want to meet new people but don't know where to start? Then our group is for you!! We're not a dating group! We're a group who enjoys socialising and having a laugh!

Our Event Organisers are always adding Meetups to our calendar, for instance, walks, days out, dancing, running, theatre trips, weekend breaks and dinners. There's loads of Meetups to choose from!

When you request to join our group, you will be asked questions, which you need to answer to join. These questions and answers will then be visible on your profile. You must add your first name to your profile and display a recent face photo so we can identify you at Meetups.

You're welcome to come to a Meetup and see if you like it and if you choose to become a member, we charge a £10 membership fee, which goes towards paying Meetup HQ for having our site.

When you've paid your membership fee, you can go to as many Meetups as you like!

We look forward to meeting you soon!


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Tuesday   19   November   7:45 pm
Wednesday   20   November   7:30 pm
Tuesday   26   November   7:45 pm
Wednesday   27   November   7:30 pm
Tuesday   3   December   7:45 pm
Wednesday   4   December   7:30 pm
Saturday   7   December   8:00 pm
Tuesday   10   December   7:45 pm
Wednesday   11   December   7:30 pm
Saturday   14   December   8:00 pm
Wednesday   18   December   7:30 pm
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Tuesday   31   December   7:45 pm
Tuesday   7   January   7:45 pm
Tuesday   14   January   7:45 pm