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So, you're looking for a new active hobby to get involved in and you're not sure where to start. Or perhaps you're already an avid rock climber, dancing across the walls with grace and are simply looking for others with whom to share the experience.

Whatever your reason, and whatever your level, Greater Manchester Rock Climbing is here to provide you with a chance to get active, meet new people, and have some fun!

If you are already an experienced climber and are happy hosting your own sessions to meet others on an alternate day, feel free to post your session using our group! Currently, the venue for the group will be Rock Over Climbing in Manchester, one of the North West's premier world class bouldering centres. The reason for this is that it's central to Manchester so highly accessible for all members, it provides excellent climbing routes for all levels and we have established an excellent relationship with the staff who work there. However, we may occasionally travel to other venues, and as the opportunity arises, take things outdoors! 

At each Meetup, we will introduce ourselves, and make sure you feel welcome and at ease, especially if this is your first time climbing! For beginners, I then give a brief introduction/tour to the climbing centre, explaining the facilities on offer, followed by a tutorial on some basic climbing skills, as well as supervising you as you attempt a few routes! Beginners are usually split up into small groups and assigned to an experienced climber to ensure that we maximise climb time for your first time. We usually climb for two hours, although if there is a large amount of us, we will more than likely split into smaller groups and spread out across the centre, so that we all get a good amount of climbing time. Once beginners are comfortable with what they have learnt, it is expected that you will progress to climb with our more experienced members. However, memebers are never forced to climb with a particular group and are always welcome to remain with beginners until they feel comfortable to move on.

It may be that sometimes I am unable to make a session, in which case beginners will be taught by other experienced members of the group who provide exactly the same instruction, guidance and support!

After the climb, we often go for a post-climb meal and/or drink depending on who is available, and this provides everyone with a great opportunity to discuss the routes they've done with other climbers, as well as socialise in an informal setting. We encourage ALL new members to attend this if they can as it gives you an excellent opportunity to get to know more of our members in a social setting and provides a familiar face the next time you attend.

Prices for first time climbers at Rock Over are £9.50 plus £2.50 shoe hire for a total cost of £12. HOWEVER...

If after your first session you wish to become a regular member of our group and believe you will be attending our sessions throughout the year, you can pay an optional fee of £10 which will provide you with your own Official Membership card, as well as allow you to access the following benefits at Rock Over Climbing:

£5 climb with £1 shoe/chalk hire. Any day. Any time. This provides you with a 50% reduction on entry fee and shoe hire for 12 months from your date of purchase, meaning if you plan to climb more than twice in 12 months, you'll save more money in the long run!

These cards will be carried by the Group Organiser (Daniel Martyniuk) to every session (or at least every session I can attend!), so there will be the option to purchase one should you wish to do so. You will be able to access this offer for 12 months from the day you purchase your membership, at which point you will have to purchase a new card if you wish to continue to access the deal. To access the above benefits, simply show the card to staff when you pay for your climbing session.


Whilst you can purchase a membership card if you wish to do so, it may be easier for you to have membership stored on your phone. Please note a smart phone (Android or IPhone) is required with internet access for this.

Simply visit to register an account. Once registered, when you attend your next session, please pay one of the organisers your £10 membership fee and your account wil


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