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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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We welcome a diverse, balanced membership who obey The Golden Rule: "Treat all people the same way you would like them to treat your mother, sister or daughter (and father, brother or son)."

We are an informal group with members from more than 75 countries. Our "DNIT" name is a legacy; many of our members were born here or have lived here for many years. We are a select but growing community meeting up for out-of-town or overseas trips, lectures, pubs, social events, coffee, dinner, cross-cultural learning, art-galleries, book-groups, museums, dancing, clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. (year-round); all outdoor events during the winter, including (but not limited to!) camping, 4x4s, boat-trips, beach volleyball, football, sailing, swimming/ beaches/ wadis/ hot-springs, crabbing, hiking, mountain-climbing, mountain-biking, road-trips, go-karts, dune-skiing, kayaking, dune-buggies, weekends away, tennis, golf, BBQ's in the evenings and weekends etc.; spreading the word about places to go and things to do. Dubai has a unique ability to re-invent itself. By joining "Dubai - New In Town" even native Dubaians may feel renewed by the multicultural camaraderie and activities.

We welcome new members who are respectful, kind to everyone, dynamic, honest, active, open, well-read, polite, cosmopolitan and interesting, and are willing to organize activities for others (and not just free-ride on other volunteers, and certainly not anyone cruising or looking to hook up -- this is not a dating group).

Feel free to suggest events and organize them yourself, using this as a platform -- the best way to make new friends. We'll make you Event Host, giving you full authority for that event. We generally aim for low-cost events, and split costs. Small get-togethers may be nicer for newcomers than big events.


[Please let us know if you experience any annoying or inappropriate contact, greetings, emails, or calls from anyone in this group. E.g., unwanted attention, unappreciated innuendo, crude come-ons, requests to join other Meetup groups, spam, marketing, not heeding your cues when you ignore them, unwanted touching, online stalking, phoning or texting women without their permission, rudeness, aggressive, brash, uncouth or unkind behavior, or any other annoyance. We will quietly evict them; one confidential email or call is all it takes. Respect for all members is an absolute must. :-) ]


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