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Twice recognized by the New York Times, Salsa New York offers the best opportunities to learn and dance salsa in the Big Apple!

With partners throughout the city, we post nearly 40 events each month from group classes to workshops, socials, parties, and more.  

Reflecting the diversity of our members and the New York dance community, we also engage with other Latin and Latin-influenced styles, including bachata, merengue, chacha, and west coast swing.

Salsa New York is organized by Franck Muhel (the "Fastest Feet in Mambo!") and Patrick Connolly.  Born in Martinique, Franck Muhel is a dance performer, teacher and choreographer  renowned for his dynamic creative energy that inspires and electrifies audiences all over the world.  Patrick is a pianist and vocalist (performing as Paddy on the Piano) avidly learning multiple styles of dance.  

We love hearing from our members and you are always welcome to contact us!  Franck is best reached at and Patrick can be messaged directly on Meetup.

New members will notice that all of our classes and workshops are marked with a level (beginner through advanced).  To help Salsa New Yorkers identify their level, here is an overview of each category:

No prior dance experience is needed to feel comfortable at beginner-level events!  Dancers will have a chance to learn basic salsa footwork and leading/following concepts.

To feel comfortable at intermediate-level events, dancers should have basics mastered, with a strong sense of the look, feel, and rhythm of salsa dancing.  Dancers should also be wise to social dance etiquette.

At the advanced level, dancers are intimately familiar with Latin rhythm and styling, and can confidently lead/follow complex combinations while improvising and syncopating footwork at will.

All dancers are welcome (and encouraged!) to come to open-level events!  Most socials and parties are open level.

Thank you so much to our members for supporting this wonderful community  Don’t forget to visit the Salsa New York Facebook group to share salsa/dance events and news of your own!


Do I need a partner?

No, you are welcome to come alone!  Classes and workshops will rotate partners frequently and dance socials are all about meeting new partners.

What should I wear to salsa classes or events/Do I need special shoes? 

Classes and most events are an informal atmosphere, so just wear comfortable clothing that allows you to be flexible and relaxed!  

You don’t necessarily need dedicated dancing shoes, but you should choose slim shoes that are supportive and won’t grip the floor (no rubber soles).  If you are serious about dancing, ballroom or jazz shoes may be worth considering.  They will help you to better feel the floor and turn more freely.


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