*Explore The Bay (ETB)

Mountain View, United States
16816 Members

*PLEASE READ...In order to join, you need to be recognizable in your photo. Having an action shot, group photo, or any photo where it's not clear who you are won't work as we take attendance at our events. Topless pics aren't permitted.

We are a social group of singles and couples, including all ages of adults who enjoy exploring the wonderful Bay Area of Northern California. In fact, according to the Meetup.com algorithm, we are the most active "Social" group in the Bay Area. Join us and explore cool bars, night clubs, restaurants, museums, vineyards, hiking adventures, house parties, etc. We will also sprinkle in some community volunteer opportunities. We will LEVERAGE our group to receive discounts, extended happy hours, and other great perks that an individual cannot get. Note that we move the party all around the bay area to keep our events interesting and to continually attract new quality citizens of the Bay Area.

Our members range in age from 21 to 80+. We don't discriminate. If you don't feel comfortable about being around people from different age groups, then you either are just trying to hook up or you haven't grown up yet. This is a very diverse group with a lot of positive energy. Join and you will meet some quality, new friends.

This group is about helping out in the community, having fun, exploring the Bay Area, and meeting new friends. By joining this group or remaining a member of this group, you agree to refrain from the list of inappropriate behaviors listed  below while attending Explore the Bay events or visiting the Explore the Bay Meetup site. If you exhibit any of the following, you will be removed from the group:

Inappropriate Behavior

•  Excessive no shows in relation to the number of events attended. Note that we take attendance at most events except music in the park events. Members are responsible to monitor their own registration status. When you are on a waiting list, don't assume that you won't get in to an event.

• Repeatedly bailing out of events on the day the event is scheduled. A high frequency of this behavior can lead to being removed from the group. Note that if you bail out the same day of an event, you will be marked as a "no show".

• Sending spam emails to members to promote a business, event, etc. without permission of the main organizer.

• Posting comments on an event page or using the "Start a conversation..." functionality to promote a business, event, etc. without permission of the main organizer.

• Not having a picture where you are recognizable. If you aren't recognizable in your ETB profile picture, then you are subject to removal and will have to request to rejoin the group with a valid photo.

• Sending emails to members you haven't met for the purposes of dating or picking up. This isn't a dating website.

• Having multiple profiles with the group. Only one profile is permitted per person.

• Excessive posting of comments or negative comments on event wall-space. This requires the Event Host to volunteer additional time. It also causes members to waste time looking for important event updates. Note that there is no need to tell us that you won't be attending an event. Merely change your registration status.

• Texting or calling the Organizer for any reason other than trying to find the group during a meetup event. Note that the number is provided as a courtesy to facilitate finding the group only. No exceptions.

• Being touchy or physical with another member (overly aggressive).

• Causing another member to feel uncomfortable based upon behavior OR comments (creepiness). Note that INITIATING flirting with members half your age will not be tolerated.

• Bringing former members of the group to an event as your guest is not permitted.

• Excessive gossiping about fellow members will not be tolerated.

•  Anyone creating too much bad drama will be removed from the group.

• Behaving in a manner that suggests a sense of entitlement such as requesting organizers to volunteer too much of their valuable time or expecting them to post your event ideas. Note that you aren't paying a membership fee.

• Stalking other members.

• Bringing outside food or drink to a venue that serves food and/or drinks, unless explicitly stated that it is permitted. This doesn’t apply to hiking or other outside venue events.

• Blocking the main organizer from contacting you.

• Showing up to an event without securing a spot (crashing). Note that members are not allowed to bring a guest to an event unless they secure a spot online for their guest. Some events are limited to members onl


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