San Francisco Belly Dance & Egyptian Culture Meetup Group

San Francisco, United States
498 Members

Meet other Bay Area Belly dance fans who share an interest in Classic Egyptian Dance

Meet-ups will include the following:

1. Classic Egyptian movies from the "Golden Age of Egypt"
2. Classic Egyptian dancing to Egyptian Pop Music
3. Classic Egyptian dancing to Classic Egyptian Music
4. The study of Egyptian dancers and musicians of the past and present
5. Traditional cuisine of Egypt
6. Music scales and rhythms of Egypt
7. And much more!

Come to a local Bellydancing Meetup to share the joy of belly dancing (Raqs Sharqi) and learn all about Classic Egyptian Dance, Culture and Cuisine!

By the way, that's Yosra standing next to me. She is a highly acclaimed Egyptian actress and has made many movies including starring as a belly dancer. Very lovely person! Photo is taken at Stanford University, California, in May 2007.


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