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DYBO is a Movement... and although we move our bodies as we dance our ‘buts’ off, the essence of this Movement is about freeing ourselves from our inner blocks so that we can blossom into our magnificence.

DYBO is NOT an exercise class! DYBO is a transformational movement of the mind, heart, and soul that happens to move the body, too!

Q: Do I have to know how to dance?

A: No! It’s not about dancing, it’s about feeling the emotions around the ‘buts’ & blocks within, and moving with the intention of releasing them

Join us and tone your Self Worth, Self Esteem, and Purpose!

You know, another one of our DYBO Specialists was telling a story that resonated with me, so I’ll share it with you.

“She said it was during a DYBO class recently that she had a vivid memory...

When she was in full-on Mama mode, already raising three kids, she kept wanting

more babies... or at least she thought she did.

There was this well known psychic in town who was in her eighties, very cool and a

little scary...super direct. She told her it was now time to start giving birth to her


So when I heard this, I realized that many of us women are walking this planet impregnated with our purpose........BUT...... we aren’t giving birth to it.

Why is that?

Most of us keep ‘thinking’ about it, and as we all know, many of our thoughts keep us from becoming magnificent. The Masculine model of success has taught us to ‘overcome’ our negative thoughts. However, the act of ‘overcoming’ produces adrenaline in our bodies, and as women we are not made to process a lot of adrenaline. When we get over-adrenalized, we feel burnt out.

Listen to this- For men, thoughts become emotions, and for women emotions become thoughts. So for us, the real cause of negative thinking is stuck emotions. Our blocked emotions become our visceral ‘buts’ and many women remain stuck within their ‘buts’ for years.

When we don’t recognize and release our buts, we end up in Fight, Flight, and Freeze patterns which often lead to overwhelm, procrastination and even depression.

With DYBO, instead of going into Fight, Flight, or Freeze, we are going to Dance Our ‘Buts’ Off with Ease. Therefore, we will release the blocks that are keeping us from being our SHE...’Soul’s Highest Expression’. As we do that, our Self-Worth and Self-Esteem get toned, and as a desirable side effect, we may release a few lbs too!

Are you ready to GO DYBO?


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