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Ceilidh Dancing is great fun - uplifting - energetic, even more fun in a large friendly group.   At least one ceilidh a month is nominated as the specific Ceilidh MeetUp and there will be a table reserved for our group with the Meetup Logo sign.   You are welcome to come along on your own and have some great nights out joining in the dancing, it really is enjoyable, especially with a friendly group.  The enthusiasm is infectious.  Ceilidhs help keep the dancers fit and healthy.

FAQ We've tried to answer most of the Frequently Asked Questions on this ABOUT US  of the Ceilidh Meetup website.

PAYMENT & TICKETS PLEASE NOTE  you need to book and pay for your own tickets direct with the individual ceilidh organisers for each event.  PLEASE also contribute £ towards this Meetup website and administration costs.  We much appreciate payments made to the Ceilidh Meetup which help toward the Meetup web fee paid by the organiser to keep this site going - yes someone does have to pay for this and do all the administration on a voluntary basis so all contributions are most welcome.   £5 when you join, or £1 per ceilidh is suggested.

APPRECIATION & THANKS Thanks to everyone who has come along and enjoyed the events run in recent years.   Thanks in particular to ALL the ceilidh regulars, dancers who support this group and are such a brilliant fun, welcoming, friendly group.  This group relies on the generosity of many special people who are regular dancers and encourage newcomers of all ages and nationalities to join in.

ITS GREAT TO BE ASKED -  A lot of us are quite shy.  Everyone is encouraged to ask someone new to dance at each ceilidh - it's great to be asked!   

.  There will be a group of us at each of the monthly Scots Music Group ceilidhs at St Brides.  We get  tables reserved for us until 9pm, we may have to remove the reserved sign from the table after that time, so if you're new, please come along early.  (That's why we state 7:45pm on the night so we can say hello before the music starts.)    Please note the numbers shown for Meetup members attending the ceilidhs is usually LESS than accurate, as some turn up regularly without having this noted on the Meetup site.   The average at the regular monthly ceilidh is more than 40 dancers, with often 60 plus in our group so we book several tables.  If you don't see the table sign, you can ask at the door.

EXERCISE IS UPLIFTING & HEALTHY  If your New Year's Resolution was to get fit and get out more or do more socially, you can combine these with ceilidh dancing.   To quote the OKINAWA WAY - "social contact is known to reduce stress;  and exercise decreases the risk of Cancer (Cancer Protective Factor 8)".   Everyone learns new dances at ceilidhs as different bands do different sets; meantime, to quote the SMG website “If you’d like to brush up on your ceilidh dancing skills before coming along to one of our ceilidhs, why not drop in to the friendly ceilidh dance classes.” It is relaxing, fun and a great way to keep fit.  There are classes at DanceBase, the National Centre for Dance, Edinburgh.  The drop in classes from from 21st September 2017 onwards are on Thursday nights at DanceBase in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh from 7:30 - 9:30pm.  Ceilidh dancing is  great fun and a very relaxing way to get fit.       To quote the DanceBase website “Ceilidh Dancing is a great way to have fun, meet new people and experience an integral part of Scottish Culture. .. A chance to learn those traditional dances and join in at the ceilidh. Aimed at socialising through dancing. Only those prepared to have fun should be there! ...    Prepare for a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.      Ceilidh dancing is possibly the most social of all dances.”   They have live music and you will have fun.  Further details: The night classes are a great way to learn the dances and get to know some of the regulars.  


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