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..Are you ready to experience the fun of our next Adventure ????

This group is about active women 45 and up who would like to make new friends and get together with other active women who are AVAILABLE to have FUN and to share a few laughs. If you are active and young at heart you will fit right in. 

Sometimes you just want to hang out with the girls but you find that your friends seem to be always busy or not interested in being active.  It can be hard to meet new friends when you get older. We are a warm group of friendly women. This group is for women who want to stay active. Events include  getting together for live music, theater , movie, happy hour, dinner, dancing, cultural events, beach,picnic ,BBQ, We go to NYC. Often to walk and visit interesting places. Wine tasting , Zumba, yoga. Charity walks including 5k  Get together for cards , Scrabble, etc.

We are Western Suffolk County based group and tend to do activities in the Huntington area. We do lots of events on LI and NYC and 5 boroughs as well. We try to plan events around the seasons to take advantage of nice weather and tend to do more things indoor when we need a break from isolating ourselves in winter. Our adventures are well planned, interesting and sometimes unusual: giving members an opportunity to try something new and fun!

 Everyone is encouraged to share ideas and make meetup suggestions. Dues are $10.00 a year to help with Organizer fees. You may pay online or pay in cash at your 1st meet up.

OUR POLICY: Must have a current photo posted to join.  

We ask that you RSVP responsibly! To paraphrase John Lennon: "Life does sometimes get in the way while we are busy making other plans." Please look at your calendars, commitments and finances BEFORE saying yes to a meetup event.  Think before replying to an event that requires a ticket, as payment must be made by the due date in order to get the best seats at the best price. A delay in paying for your ticket affects the entire group.

Whether you are sick, have to work late, life happened" or just don't feel like going out that day,etc.. Please be courteous to the host and inform her immediately if you need to cancel so she can alert the restaurant or other venue and update the reservation. Often the restaurant is FULL and our table is reserved well in advance for a large party(8-10+)  to include everyone who wanted to come. It is extremely embarrassing to the host and disruptive to the restaurant when only 5 people show up and the dining room has been set up for us .

Additionally we risk the restaurant not  allowing our group to return. In many cases the host has paid with her own credit card to reserve tables and tickets. Much enthusiasm, coordination and planning goes into the role of host. Please be mindful this is a VOLUNTEER ROLE so that many women may continue to enjoy fun and exciting events. Chronic last minute cancellations are subject to removal from the group. No shows will not be tolerated. You will be removed from the group if you are marked 3x for a NO SHOW. 

Dining out policy:  We dine as good friends would. We do not ask for separate checks. The host gets the bill and informs you what you owe. We split the check (food, one cocktail, tax and tip ) evenly by the number of us in the party.  (We do realize that some occasions call for more alcohol consumption than others. Not everyone is a big drinker so on such occasions we may have 2 checks, one for food and one separate tab for the those that ordered from the bar) The host will continue to monitor this policy to make certain there is no abuse of this policy. So far so good!  ****Everyone Must bring CASH ONLY$$  We will not be asking our waitstaff to split our credit card up 8 different ways. No Exceptions!

Please keep in mind this is a group of women looking to make friends and share in each others lives. The rules are designed to make being a member an enjoyable experience for us all! Members who are inactive for 3 months or more will be considered disinterested in growing friendships and will forfeit their dues and be removed from the group to make room for our wait list  Enrollment is limited  but you are welcome to join and will be added as soon as a spot becomes available.

Thank you and hope to see you soon!



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