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Woodland Hills, United States
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We are a nice, friendly group of social dancers who dance or want to dance ballroom, Salsa, Mambo, Casino Rueda, Swing, Lindy, West Coast Swing, Hustle, Argentine Tango, Blues, Country, Night-Club 2 Step, wedding dances - you name it!

This group is dedicated to social dancers living and/or working in San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Ventura and Los Angeles. But then we are dancers - we will go as far as we need for good classes and dancing!

We will focus on ***one style of dance*** in ***one area*** at a time. Then we will add more dances and more activities.

To see what are current focuses are, visit:

During a dance-peak seasons, i.e. summer and on holidays, we tend to have very little activities. We try to support all the events and festivities by not focusing only one events. But we will organize an outing or two, so please do join us!

This is not a group for cheap-scapes. I will find the best deal in town for great lessons and fun time. Great lessons and fun time do not come for free when it comes to partner-dancing. Please expect to pay fair amount to support the event - so that YOU will benefit from it!

Lastly, I organize meet-ups only if YOU ask for it. There are more than enough groups on promoted by promoters, instructors, restaurants, clubs, DJ's, and everyone who makes a living with it. And if you are like me, you probably know all about them! When we organize a meetup, it will be something special, something personal, something nice. :)

If I did not scare you away, great - you are ready to have a good time! Come join us and let's dance!

Thanks for joining the group!


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