Salsa Dancing for Beginners LA

Sherman Oaks, United States
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Salsa dancing is a great way to meet friends, exercise, and relieve stress. Is one of your New Years Resolutions, learning how to dance? Have you thought about learning how to dance salsa, but have been afraid to try, or just haven't found the time or a friendly class to join? Do you want to get some exercise in a new fashion & relieve stress? Do you want to meet new friends and develop another avenue of socializing? If you said "Yes" to any of above, "Salsa Dancing for Beginners LA" may be for you!! No Partner, No Experience Needed. Led by getting-popular dance instructor Marisa Hamamoto, our goal Salsa Dancing for Beginners LA is to provide you with the tools and technique to really be able to dance salsa on the dance floor! Meanwhile, we want to build a warm positive community of local dance enthusiasts, and have lots of FUN! We organize Group Classes, Salsa Bootcamps, Group Night-Outs, and more. Come check us out!!

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