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Berlin, Germany
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I am Annukka, a professional dancer, artist and dance & yoga teacher from Finland, living and working in Berlin. 

I believe in the sense of joy and magic that we can cultivate through movement, art & creativity, mindfulness, ancient practices, playfulness and connection. By engaging our whole self (body, mind, heart/spirit ) in the present moment we reach a natural sense of alignment and flow. This state of awareness has the capacity to heal and to bring us closer to the creative power of our innermost self. This research has been the core of my work for several years and lives with me whether I am dancing, creating art, practicing yoga, meditation, and living my everyday life. It is the heart of my teaching and subtly present in the way I work with energy and hold space.

To my dance classes I take with me my own experiences as a professional dancer, mover and human being. I am wishing to share with you, what I have learned, what is inspiring me, and through this help you find your way - not forgetting the element of fun, playfulness and a little humouristic spark. I wish to create an atmosphere for you to be yourself, connect to yourself and explore.

Hoping to meet you soon!

Best, Annukka

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