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Contact Email:   www.NitaDancinDj@gmail.com  ALL Music LineDance & Partner Lessons Weekly !

PARTIES & SPECIAL EVENTS -  I Bring the Mobile Dj DanceParty 2U  - Country, Rock 'n Roll, Tropical, etc 

I can help you Book a Location - Indoors or Out

ALL Ages & Music Genres + YOUR REQUESTS !    

 Facebook: Nita DancinDj + DancinFun Gang Group page

WEEKLY LineDance & Couples LESSONS &  MEETUPS:

(SEE "Our Calendar"  on left margin)

"NEW BEGINNERS" LineDance Lessons   $10 to ALL Music Genres:

TUESDAYS 7pm.... and.... FRIDAYS 10am:

          Beginner Line @ Lienzo Charro Mexican Restaurant on smooth wood Dancefloor

BOOK Couples Lessons: Basic East Coast Swing Dance, Partner ChaCha, Hustle, 2step etc

Mobile Dj and Dance Parties - ALL Occasions - ALL Music Genres - ALL Ages !

Add Extra Fun to Your Celebration @ Very Reasonable Price !

Birthdays (Kids to Seniors !) - Smaller Wedding Receptions - Anniversaries - Holidays

FundRaisers - Company/Church Picnics - BBQ's - HoeDowns - Harvest Fairs

Kids/Teens/YouthGroups/Senior Groups - Fitness & Wellness Events

Community ClubHouses - Home Parties

ALSO customized "SMALL GROUP" Lessons @ YOUR Location....by prior Reservation

or we can book the back room DanceFloor/Dining @ Lienzo Charro for "your group"


Fun, Challenging, FastTempo Linedances, Intermediate & Advanced  FitnessFanatics MONDAYS 6pm

Periodic Wknd WorkShops if Requested by LineDancers !  Field Trips to other DanceClubs !

Links/Announcements to Other Live Music + Dance Events 

MeetUp with FUN Country/Rock/Pop Dancers - Singles, Partners, Couples & LineDancers

Make new Friends - Enhance Your Life - Increase your Stamina & Fitness !

(see "Our Calendar" Left margin this website for ALL weekly MeetUps, Dates, Times,

Sessions + Notes and Links to other Events in the Inland Empire)

"FLASHdance MOBS" @ Live Music Events - Contact Nita for Fun Details - Watch Calendar

Line & Couple/Partner DANCING IS Great Fun & Fitness !

ALL kinds of music from NEWCountry & Rock, to Latin, HipHop, Pop, Oldies + More !

Leave Stress behind ! ENJOY FUN Healthy Exercise, Great Tunes, Great Times & Laughs with this outgoing group of dancers & Friends. Learn the latest LineDances (no partners needed!)

+ Fun Partner "Mixer" Dances (We'll rotate partners for those who wish) Popular "Couple Dances"  by Request

Get a Great Workout ..........DANCING... !!!!

Dancing is fantastic mental, physical & emotional therapy !

Good for Mind - Body - Soul !

Increases memory & coordination skills !

Reduces stress/anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia, backpain, insomnia, depression, etc


#1 - HAVE FUN - Must be able to laugh @ yourself !!!

#2 - FAKE IT & SHAKE IT !!! Just keep goin, you'll get it !

#3 - SMALLER STEPS - If the music's fast, take smaller steps !

#4 - GO BACK TO RULE #1 - Always keep it FUN !!!

???'s  Email me:     NitaDancinDj@gmail.com

or Click on "Contact Us"  (Left Margin)

See "Our Calendar" for "MeetUps"  Weekly Classes/Lessons - Days & Evenings

Come out & Socialize, Laugh, Exercise & Dance with us !

See YOU.... at our next MeetUp!


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