Accent Reduction Miami®

Miami, United States
819 Members

We're back! Accent Reduction Miami® is the largest and the coolest place in Miami to meet friends and speak English together! Accent Reduction Miami® is free social group to meet people and practice English together! Accent Reduction Miami® joins people of all nationalities to help people improve their accent! With more than 600 members and 150 meetups since 2008, Accent Reduction Miami is the "Tour de Force" in uniting people and helping Miami improve the way it communicates! We usually meetup for free events, we take salsa lessons, we go to free movies on the beach, lectures at museums and bookstores. Accent Reduction Miami is a meetup group where people can to meet others to speak English together. Speech & Accent coach Lisa Jeffery gives a free lesson once a month and creates a social group in Miami where people can practice speaking English, meet friends and socialize. With more than 600 members, there's group like it anywhere! We are celebrating our 6th year!


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