Mature Adults G.O.N.E. w/MU (Going Out Now Events)

Peoria, United States
952 Members

This group will have small to medium size groups of mature adults getting together in the ARROWHEAD (Peoria & Glendale, AZ) vicinity for LAST MINUTE ACTIVITIES as well as PLANNED ACTIVITIES a few weeks into the future

Proposed activities:


• Organized ‘novice & all-levels’ pool/billiards

• Country western dancing

Lunches, dinners, happy hours, coffee, movies, etc.

• House Parties and Potlucks

• and other activities that may be suggested by members

Targeted members:

• 45+ 

singles, dating or married couples

male or female

Do you like to go out and would prefer company? …

Are you a ‘last minute’ type of planner? …

New to the area? …

Do you want to meet new friends? ...

Want company during the holidays? …

Come join us. Become a member today and join us in our next scheduled activity in or near the ARROWHEAD area (Peoria/Glendale, AZ).

This a reminder to ALL MEMBERS ....

You MUST be an ESTABLISHED MEMBER to participate in ANY and ALL ... HOUSE PARTIES.  To become an ESTABLISHED MEMBER, you must attend at least one event and personally MEET the organizer -  Debbi.

To stay an ESTABLISHED MEMBER, you must attend at least one event quarterly, otherwise, you may be dropped from the group. You can, of course, always re-join the group at any time ... however, any titles (Charter Member, Established Member, etc., MAY be forfeited).

Reminder... this group is for all of our enjoyment and hope once per quarter is not too much.

NOTE: This group does NOT charge or require any fees or dues, however, CONTRIBUTIONS are welcome (to help off-set any meet-up site or group charges, supplies, etc.  A CONTRIBUTION jar of some sort may be present at an activity.)  Some events may require payment in advance which will be posted/noted within the activity.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions, suggestions, comments or concerns you may have now or in the future.

Debbi, Organizer:  (623) 332-9197


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