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Hello and welcome :)

Our Brisbane community is like a melting pot, full of people from all over the world, of all ages and cultural backgrounds. For some, English is their main language, for others it is not. Through this Meetup group, our aim is to bring people together through the universal language of Latin Dance. Whilst you are learning to dance, you have the opportunity to spend time with people from other cultures.

If you wish to join a great bunch of people, we are Brisbane's longest established Latin Dance Club and welcome EVERYONE. We run classes that teach people how to Latin dance and more. We run classes that teach people how to Latin dance. We teach you how to be a good leader or follower, you learn how to dance a variety of turn patterns and we help you improve your styling, timing, and technique. We also provide performance training for people who are a little more serious.

We hold monthly or bi-monthly Latin dance parties with a free Latin dance class included. This gives people the opportunity to get to know each other and adds to the atmosphere of the night. We look forward to meeting you at our next class or party.

If you think you are getting too many emails, you don't have to leave the group. Just go to the "MY PROFILE" tab and turn off the automatic emails and then you can just visit the main page whenever you want.


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