Kizomba Seattle Meetup

Seattle, United States
363 Members

Affiliated with Kizomba Seattle on Facebook and the blog, this meetup is for anyone in that is interested and involved with Kizomba in Seattle.

Partly to increase our reach but also to serve those folks that aren't part of our facebook feeds, join this meetup to get notiications of classes, events and gatherings centered around kizomba in the Seattle area. We have sister communities in Vancouver BC, Victoria, Tacoma and the TriCities so you may see some activity about thigns happening there too.,

Kizomba is an Angolan partner dance that is danced to Kizomba music (invluence by Zouk music from the Carribean). It is danced in a close embrace to music that has a pulse much like (but not identical) to R&B music. Join the group to find out more about the music and dance, where to dance, where to learn how to dance, meet members of the community and fall in love with this lovely, warm and sensual dance from Angola.


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