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Welcome Abu-Dhabi!!!

If you have never danced before but want and are willing to try something new; why not try us!!!

, our aim is to help you dance and work your way to a fitter, better, more confident you.

For our Latin Dance Schedule, please look on our sister page KIZOMBA AFRO-LATIN DANCE MEETUP ABU-DHABI wherein we enlist a range of ongoing classes under the genre, Latin Social, dances suitable for men and women of all walks of life!!!

This group is re-dedicated to these genres of Dance: Afrohouse Twerk and Reggaeton.

TWERK (LADIES ONLY): This class is strictly dedicated to the Ladies. It is a dance form aimed at giving the whole body a full workout, but also works particularly on toning the lower body and giving you that figure you absolutely dream about. It is a great confidence booster ladies...


AFROHOUSE (MIXED CLASS): This brings modern African dance forms to the fore. It gives you a great and fun workout; exploring moves that you never thought possible in a fun, vibrant, energetic atmosphere with ABSOLUTELY GREAT MUSIC!!! This class is a Must...


REGGAETON (MIXED CLASS): Hailing from the Caribbean, you have the opportunity to move to amazing music inspired by artistes like Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi among others. Reggaeton is an quite an energetic dance form. You are encouraged to participate with us...


Facebook Details: LIKE OUR PAGE https://www.facebook.com/gingerdance.inc/  

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/325301194985941/

Insta: afro_latindancead

Email: jane.ginger01@gmail.com

Call or Whatsapp: 0504075795

We look forward to welcoming you...


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