Birmingham over 50's

Birmingham, United Kingdom
1877 Members

We are a friendly group, welcoming members from diverse backgrounds from all over the West Midlands (and abroad).

Our events are varied from holidays home or abroad, visiting National Trust properties, dinners, theatre, live music, dancing , regular walks, book group, attending talks by authors and other discussions etc.,

The group is not a singles group for people looking for dates.   We welcome members whatever your marital status.   The group is a social group for people who want a more active life and to meet new friends.

We understand that meeting new people can be quite daunting, so whether you just want to meet a couple of members for coffee or attend a  big group social, most taste can be accommodated within the group.  

We want to expand our horizons and interest and encourage  every  member to take an active part.  Any member can put on an event.

If you RSVP that you are attending an event then later find  you are unable to attend, please change your RSVP. It helps the host of the event to manage the event  more effectively.  This means the host will not be put out arranging seats or tables for people who are not going to show up.  It also means that someone on the waiting list  can now be offered a place. 

The organiser is responsible for the  running of the group including the groups website.  The organiser can refuse to put on an event or remove an event already announced if it is deemed against the ethos of the group or Meetup organisation.   The organiser has the right to remove any photograph if it is deemed inappropriate. 

We are a group that strive to be diverse, inclusive and welcoming.  There is an expectation of behaviour and conduct.  Members are expected to refrain from making personal and abusive comments about any member. Any perpetrator will be removed from  the group.


The organiser and hosts of events cannot be held responsible for the welfare, safety or access needs of any member who participates in an event. Every member is responsible for their own  safety.  Members attend all events at their own risk.

There is a £5 annual membership fee which every member is expected to pay.


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Cinque Terre
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