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Pasadena, United States
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Come join us if you love to dance and you're looking for other people to dance with. We hold monthly meetups to dance and find other people interested in social dancing. Also there are classes as people are interested. As a group we've been hosting classes and dances successfully for over 4 years now!

Our focus is on social dancing and helping people have fun moving and connecting. Come learn dance from the very beginning, or focus into technique and style as you advance you skills and perfect the dance.

I've been dancing my whole life and teaching for over 10 years. In college I studied ballet, contemporary, modern, and jazz... but I fell in love with social dancing when I found Salsa. Then fell even more in love with it with the discovery of Bachata. When I moved to S. Korea I studied intensely for 2 years with their national bachata champions while also traveling Asia attending congresses and festivals. Now back in the States I study movement in dance and more recently acroyoga.

Classes are generally $10 an hour.

Bring shoes that are comfortable, but definitely not sandals. As we get more advanced it's better for ladies to have heels.


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