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Talk To Me In SPANISH strives to bring LA county Latino-culture lovers together with better & unique ideas in Spanish language learning.

(1) In this Meetup you will learn and practice Spanish using Improv games & skills. Unlike boring meetups where you learn to say Hello and what did you have for dinner, with us you will find real and dynamic interchange where you learn to use emotions, expressions and strive to sound like a real Spanish communicator.

(2) We also plan to start some basic workshops & tutoring for maintaining verbal and grammar skills. If you are an experienced Spanish speaker, please join our team. If you are now enrolled in Spanish classes, ask us about some tutoring to get you through your classes with a classy grade & confidence.

(3) Latino cultural meetups galore, Latino rock en Español concerts, Salsa Lessons, Latino Art & movies.

(4) You’ll have opportunities to join other Improv groups & Public Speaking groups (such as Expression Power Improv Cast and Toastmasters) to enhance your English communication skills.

(5) Anything else that will serve our group? It’s up to you, the existing and new members, to bring your passions to us & make this group awesome & worth your time & energy. Make new friends & connections & more.

Let's have some fun!

- Jose 



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