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Zydeco is a good feeling music that is infectious. Once you're turned on to the rhythmic sounds of Zydeco you can't let it go. You start looking forward to the dances and celebrating with others your new found love for the unique form of music that makes you feel good all over. People come together at the dances to have a good time and without a doubt have an incredibly good experience. You'll find yourself swaying your hips; moving to the beat of the music while your ears take in the harmonious variations of tempos from the accordion. The experience is elevated as the washboard, bass, electric guitar and drum players compliments every note. Zydeco is about family and is welcoming of all ages you can never be to young or to old to enjoy the sounds of Zydeco. The music instantly lifts your spirit and moves your soul. There's nothing to compare it with because it's in a class of its own. Zydeco dancing is a great cardiovascular work out and can have you easily burning 500 calories in an hour, some songs last for 15 MINUTES! Join us at ASLD DANCE STUDIO 5337 EASTHAMPTON CIRCLE, HOUSTON, TX, 77039 for weekly zydeco dance lessons with INSTRUCTORS RONALD WILSON AND REGINALD WILSON, CLASSES ARE EVERY MONDAY 7PM - 8:30PM AT $10 A CLASS. Once the weekend hits we'll hit the scene at a local zydeco. Novice or pro this meetup is for people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. FOR MORE INFO CONTACT: RONALD WILSON (832-483-4018), REGINALD WILSON (832-233-4428) OR SHELLIE DEAJON (713-517-8043).


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