Building Success Action Group

Las Vegas, United States
348 Members

We are Success Builders and Our Focus is on using our mind productively to help us erase the idea of limitation.  We use NLP, Hypnosis and Consciousness to achieve our Goals.

If you want to:

Feel good about yourself

Feel Good about your Life

Live your True Purpose

Find Passion in your Work

Learning to Master your Emotions

Saying No to Negative patterns

Expand your Consciousness
Then this group may be for you.

Here is what some of the people who have attended said about our meetings.

"I thought it was interesting listening to everyone's ideas, the atmosphere was awesome."

"Interesting introduction to the real issue at hand -- You. Acknowledging your worth and exploring your values to better understand what compromises you are willing to make in a relationship."

"You know I am really glad I made the trip from New York, I have heard such amazing this about NLP is Fun in Las Vegas and you Nadia Harper. Impressive to see how many NLP celebrities were present. I will definitely tell everybody about it.

More than worth the trip to Vegas, Thank You Very Much!"

"I was surprised at what I learnt about my identity and how it has so much impact on my beliefs and my actions."

"Great bunch of people, knowledgeable & energetic host & some great conversation."

"I enjoyed the meeting a lot."

"Thank you very much, Nadia for being such a gracious hostess!! I am looking forward to more of your insight..."

"I can see fireworks outside my window as I write this. They must have known about your sales training today! It was a magical day. You have quite the talent for instant breakthroughs. Your mix of conscious and unconscious installation of deep learnings are awaiting a night of sleep for unconscious integration and sales results this coming week"

"I loved the control panel and how it relates to making a conscious effort into shifting gears in whichever way I believe I need to go… flip the switch into a different mindset and the body should follow.

I have a lot to work on :)"

"Was a great group of people from varying backgrounds. There is a lot to be learned from this study group. Enjoyed the discussion and look forward to the next one."

"Nadia was very knowledgeable and friendly, and she hosted a great class. I am very happy to have attended and look forward to the next class."

"This training covered so much great information that I can use in my everyday life as well as professional. It was good for me as I needed to know how I present myself to people and gained knowledge how to improve my verbal and nonverbal communication skills and so much more."

"fabulous....far far better than i could ever imagined thanks to Nadia's sharp was a real privilege to be a part of it"

"I am soo very excited to be in this book club. I am ready for change and i am absorbing the keys to success like a sponge. I recommend this group to all. Nadia is a Master. Thank you for putting this together and for the opportunity. i am soo grateful to be a part of it."

"Fantastic seminar! Very informative and eye opening"

"Nadia; this was a great meetup. This is what meetup is all about; innovative and creative meetings where people connect. Thank you."

"Wonderful wonderful wonderful".

"I found this meetup to be very informative and somewhat therapeutic.Nadia,our speaker and organizer is very welcoming and friendly as were the other members!"

"Excellent! Love the exercises and how Nadia lead us to
define our fears and rede


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