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About Dance With Style 

Dance With Style is Hong Kong’s premier dance, events and entertainment portal. We excel in providing top quality Salsa, Bachata and Cuban Salsa dance instruction to Adults & Children, Couples and Singles.

We have the expertise in corporate dance classes and social nights, dance based corporate team building initiative, personal/private dance classes, wedding dances and more!

We bring you world class Latin/World music and dance parties, club nights and music and dance festivals for your listening and dancing pleasure!

Our aim is to provide a community for all you dance crazy people out there to meet, greet and dance with each others! Whether you have experience or not, it does not matter! We have new comers, amateur dancers and professional dancers in the group! So If you have no experience don't worry! Just join the beginner's classes and be on your way. This will be sure to get any one of you newbies started on the right foot!

Come meet other dance enthusiasts, take lessons, learn new fun moves, meet new dance partners, new friends with a similar interest, social dancing in a warm atmosphere and a great dance floor!

Lastly and more importantly, we cannot forget why we dance! For FUN, and for the LOVE of dance! So join us in our mission to connect people and make the world a happier place through dancing!

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See you all on the dance floor


Members who are inactive for more than 3 months will be removed. Members who RSVP attending and do not turn up to the meet up at least thrice will be removed as organising meet ups takes time and effort. Members must attend at least one meet up per month.

Having said all that...members who will be removed are free to re-join the group back provided they adhere to our removal policy given above. Members who abuse the policy at least thrice will be permanently banned.


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