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San Diego, United States
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We are a group of active young professionals looking to network and socialize as much as possible. If you are new in town or just need to meet some new people, join us as we plan various events all over the city with the intention of building quality friendships with like-minded, genuine people. Your new drinking buddy or BFF might just be in this group. Age range is generally focused within 25 to late 40s but not always strictly enforced.

Types of Activities Planned:

    Happy Hours


    Bars / Clubs

    Theme parties

    Dinner parties

    Pool parties

    Wine tasting

    Sporting events

    Dancing / Salsa events

    Ski / Snowboard trips

    Traveling (local / out of town)


3 Simple RULES:

    Profile Photo & Name Required: Your profile must have a clear mugshot so we can put a face to a name. This is also for your safety.

    Activity: Only join this group if you plan to attend events. If you join and never attend a single event, whats the point? Don't be shy.

    RSVP Policy: Three "no shows" to an event and you will get banned. A "no show" constitutes as flaking less than 1 hour prior to the event or just not showing up. Have respect for the people putting in time to organize the events.


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