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Zeibekiko Toronto is a group for everyone, Greek descent or otherwise, who enjoys Greek music and dance and is especially interested in dancing the two most popular Greek urban dances, Zeibekiko (the Greek dance of the soul, usually danced solo) and Hasapiko (popular Greek line dance that is mostly choreographed). Of course, we can also dance the most popular Greek folk dances for more variety. All skills levels are welcome. There will be opportunities to learn the dances for those who have little or no experience. As the group grows, we can expand our social dance repertoire to add argentine tango, vals, and swing, all of which are very relevant within the Greek cultural musical styles although they are presently less visible than they should be. I started this group to meet other dance enthusiasts who like to socialize and have fun by way of dancing the urban, folk, and other social dances imbedded in the Greek culture. We'll meet once a month for an outing and for dance lessons as requested by members. Venue outings include venues in Toronto and outside the GTA. Let's get together for some dance fitness, fun, food, and friendships! Opa!

** 2014 Classes **

Zeibekiko, Hasapiko, Hasaposerviko, Zorba (Hasapiko and Hasaposerviko), Kalamatiano, Argentine Tango, and West Coast Swing dance lessons @ Yonge/Finch area. Argentine Tango and West Coast Swing can readily be danced to Greek tango and Greek pop, funk, and techno music respectively. Lessons are provided for members who would like to begin or further develop their dance skills. A multi level teaching approach through the use of modifications to the steps and patterns will allow participants to challenge themselves according to their personal needs.

Beginner's Level 1: An introduction to Urban Dances in the Greek Culture

The class will begin with a quick warmup and technique for turns or spins that may be used for solo dances like Zeibekiko or any kind of social dancing in general. Turns are a great way to introduce the concept of the body's axis, how to explore, experiment, analyze, and master it. About an hour will be spent on the different Greek dances. At the end of the lesson, we will review.

Due to requests, I will continue with Kalamatiano, the most popular Greek folk dance. We will review and continue to add individual spin variations for the leader the last follower as well as choreographed group variations for our own group. As we advance our skills, more difficult elements will be added and creative "couple" variations will also be presented. In addition to regular stretches, Kalamatiano is a great warmup. Once an accomplished dancer, you will dance Kalamatiano like perhaps you've never or rarely seen before!

Depending on individual needs, the Zeibekiko dance lesson can focus on any of the following: basic rhythms, walk variations, syncopations, 1 or 2 amalgamations, arm styling, and a jump for those still willing to partake in such feats. As we progress, different sequences or pattern will be presented. Parts of the lesson will be modified for different dance skill levels.

Depending on individual needs, the Hasapiko dance lesson can include the 16 count basic (H#1), and its variations, and a 32 count Hasapiko sequence. As we progress, further patterns will be presented and amalgamated.

The Hasaposerviko dance lesson will include the Hasaposerviko basic (HS#1), turning variations for the basic, and folds as alternatives to kicks for the basic. Triplets will be introduced. As we progress different patterns and variations on the theme will be presented. Parts of the lesson will modified for different dance skill levels.

Combining the Hasapiko and Hasoposerviko, back to back, creates the "Zorba" dance, danced to such music as Mikis Theodorakis' score for the film, Zorba the Greek, (1964). We will continually work on a choreography that will be creative and fun.

Beginner's Argentine Tango: Argentine Tango has probably been the most significant non Greek dance form to be adopted into the dance culture of Greece.

Beginner's West Coast Swing: West Coast Swing is a highly versatile dance form and can be danced to the popular, jazzy, R&B, funky, blues and hip hop based dance music of many cultures, including Greek, and is danced from slow through moderately fast music tempos.

Cost $15.00 per class

Classes are scheduled on outing dates and/or arranged to suit the needs of interested participants. Please email for further information for specific times.


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