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The "West Suburban Cheers Club, a 30's to 50's Social Club" (WSCC) focus is to create a large variety of events that allow you to meet new friends and have new experiences in a fun, welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. Our members suggested age range from 30's to 50's, although we aceept members outside of this range, with both couples and singles included.  

We select events that offer a wide range of activities from live music, dancing, dining, sporting events, travel vacations, festivals, shows of all kinds and physical activities thru out the western suburbs and surrounding area.  Our goal is to offer our members an opportunity to have a place to go where 'everyone knows your name'. 

Got an idea for a fun activity or special event you would enjoy?  Just contact an organizer with your great idea!  We welcome suggestions and those interested in 'hosting' an event! 

Sound interesting? If so, just sign up and join Cheers today, it's free!!! 

We require you use your real name (no 'handles' ) and that you post and keep a primary photo with a clearly recognizable "close up" facial photo with only you without sunglasses and hats, similar to a passport photo.  We want to easily recognize you to greet you warmly and quickly at events.  With this close up facial photo, other members will also recognize you when you arrive at an event.  Couples joining should join individually as some events require prior attendance noted under your individual profiles (guests are not noted).  Couples can submit an individual photo or use a close up photo of the both of you.

We understand people have busy schedules, but want our members to participate in at least some events thru out the year. Please RSVP responsibly and respectfully.   We will remove members who have RSVP'd and not shown on multiple occasions as the inability to accurately predict needs for our events may hurt our credibility with our selected venues.  Additionally, members who are not active within a 6 month time period will also be removed.   We do not want to waste anyone's time with all our email notifications.   We also want to be able to plan events based on total membership numbers of those truly participating.  Those members who have been removed can simply rejoin Cheers again when they're ready to attend events.

We know no one is perfect, we don't always click with everyone we meet, but we expect our members to be positive, pleasant and respectful to all the other members. We want you to join in on the fun, so leave your worries at home!

Finally, we're so looking forward to meeting all our new friends. Cheers everyone!


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