F&G dance workout

Friday   22   November   6:30 pm

Location: Àtic Spain
Event Venue Address: Ronda de Sant Pere, 40
Venue Name: Myoga Studio Barcelona & LifeStyle

This week we are all about diving in...gently or head straight.

Did you notice yourself going for a cup of warm tea, cosy blanket and a shawl that fells like a hug yet? With winter drawing closer our bodies ask for more nurturing. In harmony with nature we are dancing to allow our bodies show the way.
this class we will be exploring different intensity levels to see what your body needs this time of year. Still high kicks and full power? Or deliciously smooth elevations?

About the practice:

Inspired by Nia technique which draws from martial arts, healing arts and dance arts, we will invite you to free your body, open your mind and just have fun... This form of exercise can move you to euphoria, serenity, empowerment, sensuality, joy, playfulness... all in just one hour!

There are no expectations, just an invitation to leave your shoes at the door, let go and move with the music! Toned body comes as an added bonus.

Date: 22 November 18:30-19:30
Location: Myoga Studio
Drop-in 1 - €14
Bonopack 5 - €50
Bonopack 10 - €100
(to be used within 2 months)

To book: [masked] or WhatsApp [masked]

Please arrive 10mins before the class to check in
Wear comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water


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Friday   22   November   6:30 pm
F&G dance workout     Àtic