Spanish conversation in Cafune South American Cafe

Tuesday   10   December   10:00 am

Location: Preston United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: 35 Market Pl
Venue Name: Cafune - South American Cafe

Want to speak a bit of the lingo on your next holiday to Spain or South America? Come and learn with us over a coffee in a fun and relaxed Latin American atmosphere! Get to know the culture, the food and the music! Our community is open to everyone!

Make 2019 the year you learn Spanish with us!

Mondays and Wednesdays
10 am – 11.30 am

Cafune - South American Cafe 35
Market Pl, Preston PR1 2AR
Prices includes a free Cafune Coffee,

For more details email us @ [masked]
Or call[masked]

What is Casa Latina?
Casa Latina is a Latin American cultural community that provides Spanish language sessions where we explore the culture, music, food, people, places, art, history and more from the countries of South America.

What to expect of the taster day?
Casa Latina is offering a free Spanish language session with a native teacher. We will focus on the countries of South America, exploring a little bit of the culture and learning some Spanish over a coffee in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We will also let you know about the dates and content of our future sessions which will be held twice a week at Cafuné.

What do I need to do to attend the taster day?
Just give us a call on[masked] or email us at [masked]

What if I don’t know any Spanish?
Don’t worry! All levels are welcome from Absolute Beginner to Advanced.

What do I need to bring for the taster day?
A notebook, a pen or pencil and plenty of positive energy!

What will I learn in the following sessions?
We believe it is important to learn any language in a practical way, getting to know the culture, the food, the music, the people, the places, the history. This is how we fall in love with a language as it helps us to understand the people and their way of thinking. Language learning should also be fun and should take place in a relaxed immersive environment. Each week we will explore a different South American country, learning new vocabulary and expressions through structured practice.

Why a session and not lesson?
In a typical language lesson a lot of emphasis is placed on learning grammar and vocabulary through repetitive exercises, there is often homework and exams to study for at the end of the course. Here at Casa Latina we prefer to practise Spanish in real situations and find out about the countries where it is spoken. No grammar, no homework, no exams, just meeting new people and learning about the world!

What we offer:
• One to one sessions
• Group sessions
• Salsa sessions with Spanish
• Latin Art session with Spanish
• Film nights

Looking forward to meeting you!

Lesly Vela
Spanish Teacher


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Tuesday   10   December   10:00 am
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