Learn to Partner Dance at Ceroc (Mondays - Twickenham)

Monday   11   November   7:30 pm

Learn to Partner Dance at Ceroc
Members: 1575
Group Organiser: James Ross
Location: Twickenham United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: Chertsey Rd
Venue Name: The Winning Post

Learn to dance at Ceroc! Our fusion of a wide range of different dance styles is easy to learn, sociable and fun, and can be danced to any music with a regular beat.

We have several regular venues including TWICKENHAM on Mondays at The Winning Post. This is next to the Premier Inn on the A316 Chertsey Road.

We are normally open every Monday evening except Bank Holidays. Next known closure: Mon 26 Aug 2019. Back open Mon 02 Sep 2019.

WEBSITE: https://www.ceroc.com/24/131/ceroc-twickenham-the-winning-post?id=139

19:30 Doors Open
19:45 Beginner Dance Lesson
20:30 Beginner Freestyle
20:45 Intermediate Dance Lesson PLUS
20:45 Beginner Practice Session
21:15 Freestyle dancing for all
22:45 Night ends.

The price for the whole evening is £9 with a Ceroc Membership Card.
The Ceroc Membership Card is £2.

This venue is cash only.

New members on their very first evening can buy 6 classes for half price. The total price to pay on the night is £29 (cash). Pay £11 at the beginning of the night and if you like it then pay another £18 before 10pm (22:00) to get the offer.

The teacher will call everybody onto the dance floor at 7.45pm for the 45 minute beginner lesson during which you will learn 3 moves that can be combined into a routine that you will dance through.

More experienced dancers are on hand to assist with beginners and you will have your own 30 minute dedicated session at 8.45pm where you will practice the moves you've learnt in the beginners lesson.

After that the lights dim and the non-stop music plays for you to practice the moves you've learnt, make new friends, learn more moves during the social element of the evening.

Wear comfortable shoes with a NON grippy sole which will allow you to slide on a wooden floor. Clothing wise, wear what you like, but it's generally casual although people arrive straight from work and others dress up. Remember, it is exercise and you will warm up and break into a sweat.

Have fun and bring your friends :O)


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