Monday   13   January   6:30 pm

Ladies Bhangra/Bollywood Dance Classes
Members: 394
Group Organiser: Amarjit
Location: Birmingham United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: 395 College Road
Venue Name: North Birmingham Adacemy, 395 College Road

NEW YEAR NEW START? DO YOU LOVE DANCING? Why not come along to a FUN ENERGETIC DANCE CLASS with UPBEAT STEPS restarting on MONDAY 13 JANUARY 2020 AND and is being held in 4 week blocks. However; you can also join in the middle of the 4 week block. (PAYMENT is as follows £5.00 (cost per class) X 4 = £20.00)

TIME FLIES, it's a great way to get a good work out, learn new steps, HAVE FUN and meet people. Why not come along and try it out.

The dance styles incorporate traditional Bhangra cultural folk music and dancing from the Punjab (North India) with Bollywood, a modern Indian style incorporating classical and folk dance with the occasional Latino and Arabic influences.

A good sense of rhythm, co-ordination and fitness helps, as this is an energetic dance workout.

The new style allows beginners to develop their dance technique and coordination, as well as to work on flexibility, rhythm and confidence.

YOU DON'T NEED ANY EXPERIENCE as long as you have a good level of fitness, stamina, with no adverse medical conditions.

I suggest you arrive about 10 minutes before to allow for parking and to find your way to the entrance.

The entrance is off a dual carriageway just opposite a fire station.

If you are interested in attending PLEASE RSVP by SUNDAY 12 JANUARY 2020 the latest and also send me a private message. PLEASE THEN AWAIT FOR MY RESPONSE. This will determine if the class will DEFINITELY go ahead as RSVP's alone won't. PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP to the DANCE CLASS as you are required to follow above procedure and await my confirmation. Thanks.


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Monday   13   January   6:30 pm