5 Rhythms Southampton with Ruth

Saturday   21   December   4:00 pm

Group Organiser:
Location: Southampton United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: Lodge Road, SO14 6QS
Venue Name: TLC, St Barnabas Church Hall

• What we'll do
A very warm invitation to you all to dance the 5 Rhythms with us. Creative and fun dancing with no steps to learn. The 5 Rhythms - flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness serve as a guide during the session, and form a musical map to enable us to move in our bodies authentically and freely. Initially created by Gabrielle Roth, the 5 Rhythms was created as a moving meditation to help us move from the chatter of the head to the truth of expressing emotion through the body - whether that be joy or sorrow, happiness or pain.. We are a friendly and fun group who welcome all new visitors. Come just as YOU are and dare to be your authentic selves with us!
Wear loose comfortable clothing; layers to remove as you warm up and put back on as you cool down. We dance barefooted in the main although this is in no way compulsory.
We hold the sessions once a month on the third Saturday of every month. The first session of 2018 will be in April.
Full Wage - £14
Low Wage - £12
Concessions - £10

We aim to provide a discount if you block book with us and more details for a subscription arrangement will follow in a newsletter. Subscription is our preferred method but payment on the door is also fine.
We look forward to meeting you :-)
The Hampshire Dance Collective (HDC)

• What to bring
Loose clothing, water

• Important to know
Discount if block booking - more info to follow in Newsletter.


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Saturday   21   December   4:00 pm