Argentine Tango. Intensive Beginners Course - Taster Class: £5!

Thursday   14   November   7:00 pm

Tango Integral
Members: 308
Group Organiser: Tango Integral
Location: London SE1 0SU United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street
Venue Name: The Bankside Health Club

The best way for complete beginners to start Argentine Tango.

It consists on an intense course for 6 consecutive weeks, 60-minute each session. You will learn the basics of argentine tango in a perfect designed course with the right amount of information. Clear, simple, effective and, the most important, enjoyable, which everyone looks for.

Whenever you start, after 6 weeks you will have learned all the basics!

- The Tango Walk & Embrace
- The Cross
- Parallel & Cross System
- Forward ocho
- Back ocho
- The Stop

Taster Class: £5
Drop-in Class: £12
Full Course: £59 (with a partner £109)


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Tuesday   12   November   8:15 pm
Thursday   14   November   7:00 pm