Argentine Tango Classes in Covent Garden ~ Celebrate Spring making new friends

Saturday   16   November   12:30 pm

Location: WC2H 9AG United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: 32 Endell St, London
Venue Name: Oasis Sports Centre

A fun Class for absolute and recent Beginners in Argentine Tango, taught by top of the line teachers, learn the authentic dance from the streets of Buenos Aires to London dance floor.
Comfy clothes and preferably leather sole shoes.
will receive you with a smile and make sure you have a sublime unforgettable experience.
need to book, just turn up and you can pay at the door.

SATURDAYS 12:30 - 14:30
Oasis Sports Center
32 Endell Street WC2H 9AG
£20 per person for the 2 hours but we will offer you immediately lovely flexible packages if you like to be more frequent:)

Hurry up and jump into the summer courses - best way to celebrate Summer making new friends on the dance floor through the passionate Tango.


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Saturday   16   November   12:30 pm
Sunday   17   November   1:00 pm