Soul Dance in Santa Monica-Ecstatic, Free Form Dance Event with Spiritual Focus

Wednesday   20   November   7:30 pm

Location: Santa Monica United States
Event Venue Address: 2101 Wilshire Blvd
Venue Name: The Brentwood Ballroom, The USM Building

Come join this outrageously fun, friendly, hip, free free-form dance class that's been running non stop for 18+ years! This is a rare act of love-All proceeds to charity. The high of going out dancing with the bliss of going within. We begin with a moving meditation to help you quickly and effectively release what holds you back that you might move into effortless joy, freedom, open-heartedness and connection to your Divine nature. Then we dance out to uplifting current, old school and world dance tunes spun by a pro DJ interspersed with brief 'soul moments' to keep going within and up high that you might be danced by Spirit. We have an awesome art and light show projected onto the walls and inspiring and pumping videos. State of the art sound and light! We end with a brief meditation and leave you on the floor wringing out the bliss. No previous Dance experience necessary. Come see why folks say things like:

"Without a doubt this is the best free form dance event in LA!" (Matthew, Entrepreneur)

"Better than chocolate, sex, or runner's high, Soul Dance is a time when my Spirit soars and I remember that my body is my living temple of delight.....bliss!" - (LP, Life Coach)

"Soul dance is this little magic key that lets me unlock my true, wild, beautiful and uninhibited self...I can start a class with a plate full of worries and by 9pm the joy and lightness I feel is amazing! Spirit's definitely working with me to let go of 'stuff' in these classes. But more than anything I have so much fun!" - ZG, Film Publicist

"Soul Dance is what I imagine Heaven to be! It has changed my life. It's my ideal of what dancing can be-totally joyous, heart-wrenching, spontaneous. No matter what state I am in when I arrive I leave with a much greater sense of peace, wholeness and connection with Spirit. A true celebration of life." - CS, Opera Singer

"After Soul Dance, I'm finding creativity and spontaneity flowing out of me while loving the one who dances in my heart. For the rest of the week my energy level just shoots through the roof!" - MJ, Professor

"Dudes who think you can't dance come to Soul Dance and bring your women and dance with them!" - BJ, actor

"No words for the transformation that occurs. I walk in feeling one way and walk out transformed! I am becoming addicted and so grateful! The immense loving you bring to this is amazing." - AR, CEO, Beauty Company

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Wednesday   20   November   7:30 pm
Wednesday   18   December   7:30 pm