Practice Argentine Tango at Warwick SPACE

Wednesday   11   December   8:30 pm

Warwickshire and Coventry Argentine Tango
Members: 693
Group Organiser: David Elworthy
Location: Warwick, CV34 4NU United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: 71 Coten End,
Venue Name: Warwick SPACE,

This is an opportunity to practice Argentine Tango. You will need to have done some tango in order to have something to practice! but a class or two should be enough.
These sessions are regular events with tango dancers who want to improve their dancing whilst they enjoy it. It is a friendly, totally relaxed and sociable time with a small number of dancers of wildly different levels, and usually tea & coffee and sometimes cakes. There is a decent floor and music. It is likely that you will be able to dance with or be advised by a more experienced dancer (especially in the first hour) but you can easily avoid that if you prefer! You do not need a partner.

This is not a substitute for classes and the other participants are not teachers, though they are usually happy to advise inexperienced dancers who are about to take classes or are taking regular classes.

It is now organised by a team under the umbrella of Tango Warwick. It may not happen every week though we will try to do it weekly. For up to date info check
or message me or the other hosts via this Meetup,
or as a last resort phone me at[masked].
If you can't find out anything this way give up for that week--but not for ever!

Drop by anytime, for any time. You will be very welcome.

PS It costs £5, write your name in the book and put the money in the box.
PPS If the door appears shut ring the bell!


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Wednesday   11   December   8:30 pm