Sunday   24   November   2:30 pm

London Tango Meetup
Members: 4817
Group Organiser: Martin Espindola
Location: London United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: 42, Earlham st Covent Garden
Venue Name: seven dials club

• What we'll do
You will lear the basics of argentine tango, so by the end you can improvise your own dance.
The class is followed by more than 4 hs of social dance with some amazing live music!!
un mi ssa blé!!
Come and meet new people in the heart of Covent Garden in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere!

Much looking forward to see you there!
There is a charge of £10 for meet up members. (50 % discount)

• What to bring
comfortable clothes, sandals or shoes you can slide in the floor.

• Important to know
Bring your best you!


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Cinque Terre
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Sunday   24   November   2:30 pm
Sunday   8   December   2:30 pm
Sunday   22   December   2:30 pm