New Years' Eve Celebration with Ecstatic Dance London

Tuesday   31   December   9:30 pm

Urubu's Ecstatic Dance & Moving Meditation Community
Members: 7812
Group Organiser: seth
Location: London United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: Nottinghill Gate - Tube station
Venue Name: Ecstatic Dance London - New Years Eve Celebration (2 minute walk from Nottinghill Gate)

NEW YEARS EVE[masked] - an Ecstatic Dance Celebration!

Join us for this unique New Years' Eve event held in a Drug & Alcohol-free environment! featuring: our awesome Silent Disco headphones based sound system! - Giving you the ultimate freedom to control the volume of the music.

No booze, No Shoes, No Chit Chat, Move However You Wish!!

A magical New Years' Eve offering with Ecstatic Dance from the pioneers of Ecstatic Dance in the UK - Ecstatic Dance London, Plus! Cacao Ceremony, Gratitude Wall, Teas & Snacks & much more!

About the music: “Enlightened Electro, World Beat, Deep House and Downtempo Bliss, plus a few surprises slipped in for good measure!! Ecstatic Music Journeys for Conscious Movement and Sacred Celebration.”

Please note: We will also be running a New Year's Eve intention setting workshop from 7-9pm. Based on the work of The Creative Flow Dojo the workshop will be a space to deepen into your creative flow to access your positive intentions for the New Year.

Please reserve your place via Eventbrite as this event will sell out and there will not be tickets available on the door! Please book early if you would like to attend!

Tickets available here:

What to Expect:
- Next-level, conscious, inspiring electronic dance music
- Silent Disco Headphones - Giving you the ultimate freedom to control the volume of the music!
- Cacao Ceremony & Intention setting
- A Beautiful Sacred Dance Space
- A safe space for you to dance freely in
- Vibrant People Who Love to Dance and Love Music!

Including Complimentary Raw Cacao for all attendees!!

Why Cacao & Ecstatic Dance? Cacao is the ultimate heart opener, it will give you energy, revitalise your BodyMind inviting you to express, release & unleash your creativity on the dance floor!

Exploring Cacao + Ecstatic Dance as a potent synthesis for Liberation! Release what no longer serves you, and invite in what you want more of in your life!

Join us for this unique New Years' Eve experience!
Ecstatic Dance London New Years' Eve is a freestyle, expressive dance & moving meditation event with some guidance featuring our awesome silent disco sound system!

1) In the first part of the evening, we will dance, sweat & release out what no longer serves us.

2) We will then be dancing in our dreams, wishes and intentions for the coming year, consciously planting them into our hearts, bodies and souls.

See you on the Dancefloor!! xxx

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Tuesday   31   December   9:30 pm
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