Dancing the Goddess - Embodiment

Sunday   24   November   11:30 am

Dancing the Goddess
Members: 63
Group Organiser: Shakti Sundari
Location: Southend-on-Sea United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: Short St
Venue Name: The Yoga Factory

Imagine feeling so at home in and at one with your body, that it becomes a shimmering vessel of light and love, that moves with ease and grace, freely expressing the current of Shakti - the sacred energy of the Divine Feminine.

Welcome to:


the first in a new 4-part Dancing the Goddess workshop series being offered at The Yoga Factory, Southend, from 2019 into 2020.

Dancing the Goddess

Dancing the Goddess is a powerful, transformative practice for EVERY WOMAN of connecting with & embodying the DIVINE FEMININE.

Devised by Shakti Sundari, Dancing the Goddess synthesises her 16 years as a teacher and facilitator of

- Conscious Dance
- Embodied Awareness (Yoga, Tantra, Bodywork, Reiki)
- Sacred Sexuality &
- Feminine Awakening.

Dancing the Goddess offers you a comprehensive practice and safe, sacred space in which to experience the ongoing personal and spiritual growth of embodied connection with the Divine Feminine within a growing and diverse community of women.


In this new workshop series, we are going to devote a day to each of the 4 pillars of the Dancing the Goddess:

1) Embodiment
2) Awakening
3) Transformation
4) Integration

We begin with Embodiment, since this is our foundation.

Without the capacity to be deeply IN our bodies with LOVE-ing acceptance, deep awareness and full embrace, we cannot open to the current of Shakti, nor ground our spirituality in life.

What typically stands in the way of this is the collective shaming, taming and separation from the body, that permeates every strata of society.

Although this applies both to men and women, the female form specifically has been objectified, idealized or denigrated as weak for centuries.

We are socialized with competitive notions of beauty that have nothing to do with our innate radiance, nor the loving support of sisterhood.

We are not taught to love our bodies with their curves and idiosyncrasies, nor how to access the profound pleasure and cosmic wisdom they are a gateway to.

The tragic prevalence of self-harm, eating disorders, hateful self-talk, judgement and comparison, and the astounding profitability of an industry that capitalises upon the lie that feminine value originates in externally defined notions of beauty, are symptomatic of this issue.

It is HIGH TIME to rediscover our bodies as sacred, sensual and inherently beautiful. Herein lies our power, our pleasure and our portal to feminine divinity.

What to Expect

A welcoming, non-judgemental space for EVERY WOMAN - whatever your age, shape or size.
This experience is not about performing or learning steps, but becoming more of your true Self.
You are invited to self-regulate and self-care. Do nothing that doesn't feel right. Discover more of what feels wonderful.
All emotions are welcome.
Dancers typically report experiences of: healing, empowerment, inspiration, connection, love, bliss, joy, gratitude, release, peace and so much more !

What to Bring

Your refillable water bottle
A notebook & pen
A blanket or shawl
An offering for the altar

What to Wear

Comfortable clothes to move & stretch in that make you feel divine
Layers to cover up for the times when we are sitting or resting


Sunday, November 24th
Time: 11.30am-5.30pm


The Yoga Factory
Unit 8, Victoria Business Park
Short Street
Southend On Sea, Essex, SS1 5BY


Investment: TBC


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Sunday   24   November   11:30 am
Dancing the Goddess - Embodiment     Southend-on-Sea
Sunday   8   December   11:00 am