Dancing the Goddess - Love

Sunday   8   December   11:00 am

Dancing the Goddess
Members: 63
Group Organiser: Shakti Sundari
Location: London United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: 85 St George's Rd
Venue Name: Siobhan Davies Studios

When we imagine what it is to embody the Divine Feminine, all kinds of ideas or images might spring to mind.

Some may be more the product of social or cultural conditioning.

While others are the expression of a deeper, timeless essence that, when we really tune in, is already known.

In this first of a new Dancing the Goddess workshop series being offered in London, we are going to explore what it is to embody some of those core qualities of the Divine Feminine, including:


Taking into account:

- where this quality lives in our bodies and lives
- what might be blocking it
- how we may enhance its expression through us
- which Goddess archetypes can support us in that

As always, this workshop will take you on a comprehensive journey of movement, breath, meditation, mudra, dance, sharing and integrative rest.

You will be invited and supported to drink deeply of the well of the inexhaustible LOVE of the Divine Mother and to know yourself and every sister in our circle as a reflection of this.

Sunday, December 8th, 11am-2pm

The Research Studio,
Siobhan Davies Dance Studios
85 St George's Road
London, SE1 6ER, UK

EARLY BIRD: £30 - prepaid on/before November 10th

STANDARD: £35 - prepaid from November 11th

£40 - on the door


Dancing the Goddess

Dancing the Goddess is a powerful, transformative practice for EVERY WOMAN of connecting with & embodying the DIVINE FEMININE.

This practice is born of the yogic understanding that the energy of all creation (kundalini or Shakti) is Feminine and we can only access this energy, which is both sensual
and spiritual, and its awakening effects, through the body.

In order to fully access and embody our Shakti essence, we must liberate our bodies and sexual energy from the wounds and conditioning of the past and reclaim the spiritual gifts
and wisdom of our sacred, sovereign woman-hood.

When this opening occurs, our dance, both on and off the dance-floor, originates in the flow of divinity.

Devised by Priestess of Love, Shakti Sundari, Dancing the Goddess synthesises her 16 years as a teacher and facilitator of

- Conscious Dance
- Embodied Awareness (Yoga, Tantra, Bodywork, Reiki)
- Sacred Sexuality &
- Feminine Awakening.

This is not "just" a dance class!

Dancing the Goddess offers you a comprehensive practice and safe, sacred space in which to experience the ongoing personal and spiritual growth of embodied connection with the Divine Feminine within a growing and diverse community of women.

A typical class or workshop takes you on an integrated journey, including:

* creating an altar to the Goddess
* sharing in sacred sisterhood circle
* chanting mantra
* meditation
* yoga & breathing practice
* guided free-form movement and dance
* paired/group processes
* deep relaxation / sound bath

which will impact you both during the event and as you take the experience out into your life.

Invoking the energy, qualities and blessings of Goddess archetypes into our space and bodies is also a powerful part of this practice.

We are remembering a way of being that was once a Sacred Art in ancient Goddess-Loving Cultures and Tantric Temples.

We are re-membering ourselves as fully activated, self-empowered women, within a loving, supportive and deeply nurturing sisterhood.

What to Expect

A welcoming, non-judgemental space for EVERY WOMAN - whatever your age, shape or size.

What to Bring

Your refillable water bottle
A notebook & pen
A blanket or shawl
An offering for the altar

What to Wear

Comfortable clothes to move & stretch in, that also make you feel gorgeous
Layers to cover up for the times when we are sitting or resting


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Sunday   24   November   11:30 am
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Sunday   8   December   11:00 am