Learn to partner dance on our 8 week beginners Forró course!

Wednesday   15   January   7:00 pm

Learn to dance at Forro Family - Brazilian Partner Dance
Members: 2720
Group Organiser: Julia
Location: London United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: NW2
Venue Name: Kilburn

Are you keen to learn to dance in partners, to enjoy connecting with lovely people through movement and to understand the basics and more of this wonderful Brazilian dance that is Forró?!

My 8 week courses are a great way to make new friends, practice together and enjoy the journey as part of a team!

"I Loved this course so much! It was fun and expertly led. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try partner dance in a safe friendly environment. Awesome work, Julia!" ..Laila, student 2018

- Embrace your passion!
- Make new friends
- Get fit, dancing
- All welcome!
- You CAN do it!

On this course, you'll get to know a small group of other beginners whilst getting to grips with all the basic steps, turns and different styles.

Check out this intro to our dancing community:

Our 8-week course will carry you into the Forró world with care and attention, with just 12-14 students, together you will crack the code and have loads of fun on the way!

Places are very limited, booking essential to reserve your spot in the group!
http://buytickets.at/dancelondon/307932 for more info and booking!

- Friendly learning environment
- Closed group of 12-14 students
- Refreshments included to share
- 8 weeks programme (7.30pm - 9.15pm each week)
- Printed handouts and videos!

★ Wednesday January 15th
★ Wednesday January 22nd
★ Wednesday January 29th
★ Wednesday February 5th
★ Wednesday February 12th
★ Wednesday February 19th
★ Wednesday February 25th
★ Wednesday March 4th


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Wednesday   15   January   7:00 pm