Black Tie ballroom dance with the Ewan Bleach Quintet

Saturday   29   February   7:00 pm

London ballroom dance venues
Members: 965
Group Organiser: George Tudor Hart
Location: London United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: 66-72 High Street Colliers Wood
Venue Name: Colliers Wood Community Centre

Dance slow and Viennese waltz, slow foxtrot, tango, quickstep, jive, rumba, cha cha, samba and Charleston to some of the best swing musicians in London, as they play ballroom and Latin tempo numbers.Plus a selection of per war dance music records
Large floor. good natural ventilation from opening windows on both sides. Dress code is black tie and evening dress only. Ticket price includes up to two free alcoholic drinks from our free bar, and you may buy a bottle at the supermarket next door and continue to use our glasses. And all guests get a candlelit table and a small portion of freshly cooked scampi
Activities will include a slow foxtrot routine for improvers plus, taught by former world champion Raymond Root, a quickstep bus stop , a snowball waltz and a Paul Jones. We have a ten most elegantly dressed women able to get around the floor dancing a slow waltz competition with a glass of Prosseco as the prize,
Early bird tickets are £15 (only twenty are available) regular tickets are £20, or it's £25 on the door if any are left. (We have sold out for our past three dances). Below is he link for on line tickets. Any questions please phone George on[masked]


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