Dance in Conversation

Wednesday   29   January   7:00 pm

IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO - Enjoy Relationships in London
Members: 604
Group Organiser: Ieva Kelpsaite
Location: London United Kingdom
Event Venue Address: 24 Old Gloucester Street Bloomsbury LONDON WC1N 3AL
Venue Name: October Gallery

Join us for an evening of exploration through Tango!

Would you like to feel more relaxed and authentic in your relationships with people?

Would you like to feel less worried about what other people think?

Are you concerned about doing the right thing?

Would you like to respond to people’s needs confidently without hesitation?

Would you like everything to be easier and avoid pain?

If you’ve answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these, then come to our workshop and learn how to ‘dance in conversation’.

This workshop is for single people and those in relationships. It is for people who dance and for those who have not got any dancing experience.

To reserve your space please RSVP to this group and complete your booking here:

You will learn how to:

• relax and find comfort in the interaction with your partner

• discover yourself

• stay focused on your partner without compromising on yourself

• recognise your partner’s needs

• respond to your partner’s needs in an authentic way

This workshop will be structured around:

• sharing relationship-related knowledge, and

• exercises based on the practices of Argentinian Tango

This will not be a tango class. The practices will help you to explore further through movement as opposed to just speaking. More importantly, you will gain insights by practising and experiencing in the moment. There will be time for a discussion afterwards which will help you to take in all you've learned throughout the evening.

What people have said about ‘Dance in Conversation’

“'The truth is in your core'. I learnt again, today, how dancing can be a perfect tool for self-discovery on your own and as a couple. What a wonderful workshop. So well conceived... I am so grateful I went" Sergio

“I loved it. I experienced a gorgeous evening of movement and speaking with others that has helped me go to some profound places in my self. Thank you Ieva and James! Neil

We emphasise that you can apply this knowledge in all your relationships - not just in your romantic relationships. One evening workshop is a small step in expanding your potential. We encourage you to come back so you never stop growing.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday 29 January!

Ieva & James


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Wednesday   29   January   7:00 pm
Dance in Conversation     London